Photos by Jason Teale et al.

New Restaurant Reviews

image Tool Box Revisited

We don’t often go back to the same restaurant to review it again (old review here)  but when I heard that a great restaurant was about to close it’s doors for good, I had to jump into action. Good restaurants like Toolbox don’t come around that often and when they do, we have to do […] more

Bongchu Jjimdak

We tend to review a lot of foreign restaurants here, as Korean food is pretty easy to find, and the majority of restaurants sell pretty decent nosh. Every once in a while, however, we review a Korean place that stands out from the crowd, or serves something just a little different than every other bar-be-que […] more

Nice Mongolia Cafe

Nice Mongolia is, to the best of my knowledge, Ulsan’s only combination Mongolian restaurant/karaoke bar.  The Mongolian karaoke I can’t speak to, though you will get to enjoy hearing it through a wall while you eat.  I know the food’s good. The restaurant itself should be familiar to anyone who has enjoyed Central Asian food […] more

Cafe Melrose

Su Eun Go’s bakery made waves in Ulsan for having the best pie in Ulsan. Now she has moved to Ok-dong and has rebranded her bakery as “Cafe Melrose” Located near the East gate of Ulsan Grand Park, Cafe Melrose is perfect place to start a picnic in the park. If you are like me, […] more

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Ulsan Nightlife News

image Holiday Events in Ulsan 2014

T-HOPE’s Orphanage Christmas Party When: Saturday, Dec 20th (2pm-5pm) Where: Eonyang Orphanage (if you’re taking the bus into town, the 1713, 1703 and 1723 all go to Eonyang; please note that the 1703 and 1723 do not pull directly into the bus terminal, they stop after the first bridge once you exit the highway) This […] more

St. Paddy’s Day Parties

It’s that time of year again, where everyone in the world becomes Irish for a night, wearing green and drinking ’til they turn green. This year, the 17th is a Monday, so the bars are doing it up on Friday and Saturday night instead. Here’s where you can get your St. Paddy’s fix in Ulsan […] more

Christmas Parties Galore!

It’s that time of year again! Stores are playing Christmas songs on repeat, the department stores have decked their halls and their exteriors with elaborate decorations, and the expat bars are gearing up for some Festive Yule Cheer. Before you head out for some Christmas spirits of the alcoholic variety, check out this Charity Concert […] more

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Latest News and Articles

image Old Downtown is Ready for Christmas

Over the next few weeks, I encourage you to take a walk in Seongnamdong or “Old Downtown” as many expats call it. For the longest time it was the hangout of middle school students and old people. However, like most things it has been making a comeback in many ways. For the most part the […] more

I have Lived Today

Former Ulsan resident Steve Moore has come out with his first book called “I Have Lived Today” and we couldn’t be happier. According to Moore, the book started out as a project while he was teaching here in Ulsan and then was finished later on. Steve was a fixture at the Mugeodong Ediya Cafe during […] more

A New Editor For Ulsan Online

Hello Ulsan! My name is Jason Teale and I am sure many of you have seen my name pop on this site or on our Facebook page. I have been involved in the Ulsan community for a long time and I am extremely happy to take over Ulsan Online to make sure that it continues to […] more

A New Chapter at UlsanOnline

It is with mixed emotions I write this note. My time here as Editor in Chief of UlsanOnline has come to an end. In the next few weeks I will be starting a very big personal project that is likely to eat up all of my time and energy for a while to come. Because […] more

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Recent Travel Ideas

image Gyeongju Yangnam Jusangjeolli Cliffs

      By Jason Teale Jusangjeolli Cliffs are famous rock formations found around Korea. The most famous of them are found on Jeju Island. However, Between Jeongja Beach and the outer reaches of the Gyeongju National Park, you will find a smaller set but still worth checking out. These columnar joint rock formations resemble […] more

Fall Festivals 2014

Fall is a great time to get out and explore Korea, as the temperatures during the daytime are reasonable, and you don’t feel like you’ll melt into a puddle whenever you move. The skies tend to be bright and clear, giving a pleasant backdrop for photos, and lots of communities all over the country are […] more

Time Travel is Possible – Exploring Gyeongju

Words and Photos by Steven Moore Time travel is possible! And, it costs less than 5000 won. That’s the price of transportation from the present day back into another era, and just an hour from Ulsan by bus;  why not trade Co2 emissions for Silla Dynasty traditions and explore ‘Beautiful Gyeongju.’ The Korean tourist board’s […] more

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