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New Restaurant Reviews

image Nice Mongolia Cafe

Nice Mongolia is, to the best of my knowledge, Ulsan’s only combination Mongolian restaurant/karaoke bar.  The Mongolian karaoke I can’t speak to, though you will get to enjoy hearing it through a wall while you eat.  I know the food’s good. The restaurant itself should be familiar to anyone who has enjoyed Central Asian food […] more

Cafe Melrose

Su Eun Go’s bakery made waves in Ulsan for having the best pie in Ulsan. Now she has moved to Ok-dong and has rebranded her bakery as “Cafe Melrose” Located near the East gate of Ulsan Grand Park, Cafe Melrose is perfect place to start a picnic in the park. If you are like me, […] more

Pork and Noodles

With a name like “Pork and Noodles” (meat and noodle story in Korean) understanding what they serve is dead simple. For lunch they serve noodles like kong guk-su and for dinner they serve barbecued pork. It is a concept that is not too unfamiliar to many traditional Korean restaurants but as newer “fusion” restaurants pander […] more

Cheese Galmagi-sal in Taehwa-dong

  If you did a search for the Korean word “갈매기” in a Korean dictionary you’d find a shocking translation of “Seagull” However, you will not find any seagull meat here. 갈매기살 (pronounced “Galmagi sal”) is roughly translated as bits of pork skirt steak and it is delicious. This regular looking restaurant located along Taehwa-dong’s […] more

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Ulsan Nightlife News

image St. Paddy’s Day Parties

It’s that time of year again, where everyone in the world becomes Irish for a night, wearing green and drinking ’til they turn green. This year, the 17th is a Monday, so the bars are doing it up on Friday and Saturday night instead. Here’s where you can get your St. Paddy’s fix in Ulsan […] more

Christmas Parties Galore!

It’s that time of year again! Stores are playing Christmas songs on repeat, the department stores have decked their halls and their exteriors with elaborate decorations, and the expat bars are gearing up for some Festive Yule Cheer. Before you head out for some Christmas spirits of the alcoholic variety, check out this Charity Concert […] more

JJ’s First Anniversary Party

From Facebook: On Saturday, December 7th, JJ’s Bar will be celebrating its one year anniversary and wow, such an awesome year it’s been. There have been so many amazing memories with so many amazing people and Jun and I are so, so thankful. We want to make this our biggest and craziest party yet, but, […] more

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Latest News and Articles

image Your Rights When Being Stopped By The Police

What if this happened to you? Police Officer: Hello, could you please stop? I need you ask you some questions. Subject: (startled) What? Okay, what? Police Officer: Please show me your ID. There’s a protest scheduled nearby, and you’re suspicious. Subject: What? No, I’m late for work already, I can’t stop and answer questions. Police Officer: In […] more

Counseling Resources

As many people already know, counseling resources can be hard to come by in Korea. Mental health issues, which have a large stigma attached to them in Western cultures, are even less discussed here than at home. But this is starting to change, slowly, and more counseling resources are becoming available to those who need […] more

Ulsan Summer Festival

If you’re a fan of Korean music, then check out the Ulsan Summer Festival sponsored by MBC. It is taking place in various parts of the city over most of the weekends in August. For those that can’t read Hangeul, here’s a brief breakdown: Prime Concert – Sports Complex Supplementary Grounds (Next to the basketball […] more

How to Beat the Heat and Humidity

Summer in Ulsan can be hard to handle, as the temperatures rise above 30*C (that’s 86*Fahrenheit for those that are metrically challenged) and humidity soars into the 70%-90% range. Hear are some methods for dealing with the heat for those of you who may not come from similar climates. 1. Koreans swear by eating hot […] more

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Recent Travel Ideas

image Tongyeong and Somaemuldo

By Scott Rotzoll Got any plans for the big vacation period this summer? No?? Well, there’s still plenty to see and do around here if you didn’t get yourself booked for a much needed escape. As you probably know, Ulsan is pretty well situated between one of Korea’s most well-known historic sites, Gyeongju, and one […] more

Ganjeolgot Cape – Ulsan’s Sunrise Hotspot

Words and photos by Jason Teale Most people know of Ganjeolgot for the giant mailbox and being the place that pretty much everyone in the area goes to on New Year’s Day to catch the first rays of sunlight to hit this side of Korea. However, there is much more to the area than that. […] more

Hwanseongul – Korea’s Largest Limestone Cave

By Deirdre Madden I’ve been to several caves in Korea now, including the lava tubes on Jeju Island. I’ve also spelunked (or potholed if you prefer) in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, as well as back home in Canada. Nothing serious, just touristy tours of interesting and impressive cave formations. But nothing I’ve yet seen has […] more

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