The Best (and Worst) of Ulsan

Toolbox 2nd – Amazing burgers in Shinae

A few years ago now, a great little restaurant opened it’s doors in Ggotbawi, way out in Dong-gu between the HHI and Mipo shipyards. They were rumoured to have awesome hamburgers, but I was never able to catch that place open. I was delighted to hear they’d opened a second location in Seongnamdong (Shinae/Old Downtown) […] more

Bella Di Notte – new offerings

Bella Di Notte was voted Best Italian Restaurant in Ulsan Online’s  ‘Best (and Worst) of Ulsan’  poll 2012.   Following their success, Ray and Luca have recently stirred-up their restaurant’s menu, and have served us with a few new delights: in the appetiser section there is now a taster selection of experimentations and old favourites […] more

Best of Ulsan – East Asian

Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai cuisines are covered here. In the Chinese category, Chai takes the prize for Best Chinese in Ulsan with 61% of the votes.  Not a single other Chinese restaurant got better than single-digit percentage of the votes. Thai restaurants in Ulsan are as rare as hen’s teeth, but our readers seem certain of their choices. Noodle Box, in […] more

Best of Ulsan – Occidental Food

The word “western” makes me think of cowboy movies, and doesn’t really encapsulate the variety of cultures involved in this category. Occidental, meaning “from European roots” seems to better encapsulate categories that include buffet, hamburgers, Italian, Mexican, sandwiches, steak, and vegetarian. In alphabetical order, here are the results for Occidental Food: Best Buffet – The […] more

Best of Ulsan – “Middle Earth”

Arabic, Middle Eastern, Indian is where “Middle Earth” cuisines arise. With only a few restaurants in Ulsan of these categories, the tallying was simple and straight-forward.  And apparently, according to our readers, so are their choices. For the Indian/Pakistani variety of restaurants the winner is Namaskar – voted the Best in Ulsan with a whopping […] more

Best of Ulsan – Coffee and Dessert

What dinner would be complete without a cup of coffee and dessert?  Our readers chose the best of the bunch in these categories and the results are both somewhat surprising and somewhat expected. With so many coffee shops around town it wasn’t surprising at all to see the sheer number of coffee shops nominated. With […] more

Best of Ulsan – Delivery/Take-out

Pizza and chicken, whether it’s take out or pickup. This is the fastfood category and not to be confused with sit down style restaurants that happens to serve chicken or pizza. In just about every neighborhood in the city there are numerous delivery options. With so many options, it’s no wonder that our readers picked […] more

JJ’s Bar: A New Look for a New Era

JJ’s Bar has recently undergone a bit of a facelift in the last week and I stopped by to see how the renovations were coming along. If you are unfamiliar with JJ’s Bar then you must not live in Ulsan because they have been a fixture in Ulsan for the last few years. The best […] more

Best of Ulsan – Nightlife Special Attractions

Alcoholic drinks can be found anywhere. But sometimes its the special attractions that draw us in. These include the Best Patio, Sports Bar, View,  bartender and DJ. Also the best places to place to hook-up, see fast and cool people, get a quiet drink, and get hammered. Benchwarmer’s Sports Bar – with 80% of our […] more

Best of Ulsan – Nightlife, Music

When asked about the best places in town for music, or to dance the night away, Ulsanites had this to say: The best place in town to hear Live Music, is Royal Anchor, with 66% of the vote. With regular performances by both Korean and foreign bands, Mr. Kim is rocking the house in Old […] more

Best of Ulsan – Nightlife – Drinking

Drinking is a big part of Korean culture. In many work environments, you’re expected to go out drinking with your boss and coworkers. But Korean’s aren’t the only ones who like to drink, as one can tell by popping into any of the foreign friendly bars around town on a Saturday night. So, where are […] more

image Worst of Ulsan – 2012

We asked our readers for the worst places to eat, work, catch a taxi, walk at night, get medical care and be in traffic.  Here’s what they said: In the Worst Place to Eat Category, our readers chose Golden Eagles in Samsandong with 54% of the votes. Golden eagles has had a little kitchen trouble […] more

Best of Ulsan – 2012 – Medical

Doctors, Dentists, Vets and Hospitals are covered here. In the Best Dentist category, we have an even four-way split. West LA in Haeundae, Park GeunTae in Hwabongdong, Eden Family Dentistry in Mugeodong and what one voter could only remember as “The one across from pizza palms.” Apparently, they give good NO2 there. For Best Doctor, we […] more

Best of Ulsan – 2012 – Miscellaneous

Some things about the last year or so in Ulsan were just too … sparkling… to have a category of their own.  But that doesn’t mean they escaped our scrutiny here at UlsanOnline.com.  Here are a few items that we thought worthy of mention. Worst Criminal – Late in 2011 an English teacher from Canada […] more

Best of Ulsan – 2012 – Shopping

Everything from clothes, to appliances, sports equipment, furniture and souvenirs are covered here. Men’s Clothes – Winner and Best in Ulsan for Men’s Clothes with 100% of the votes is UNI GLO. Women’s Clothes – 11th Avenue in Shinae and Fashion News,  New Core Outlet and UniGlo all fared equally in the voting Children’s Clothes - […] more

Best of Ulsan – Mind, Body and Soul

These categories cover  a range of topics, from cinema to churches to massages. In the Cinema category, I would have expected this to be a little more defined. I certainly have my favorite place to watch movies.  But so does everyone else, and they’re all different. Megabox – took in 37.5% of the votes. Lotte […] more

Best of Ulsan – 2012 – How to Get There

Buying and servicing cars, motorcycles and bicycles categories are here.  All that travel is made so much easier when you’ve got wheels of your own. Here’s what our readers decided are the best places to buy your own set of wheels and where to get them serviced. In the Bicycle Department, there is no arguing […] more

Best of Ulsan – Things to Do

This category includes Festivals, Museums, Galleries, and People Watching. Best Festival – This was a close race, but ultimately, readers voted the Whale Festival, held at the end of April each year, as their favourite, with 50% of the vote. A close second was the World Music Festival, held in October, with 42%. Best Museum […] more

Best of Ulsan – Places to Go

We asked our readers to weigh in on their favourite places to go in and around the Ulsan area. Here’s what they have to say about Best Beach, Best Travel Spot in Ulsan, Best Travel Spot in Gyeongsamnamdo, and Best Road Trip. Best Beach – The clear winner of this category is Jinha Beach, with […] more

In the spring of 2012 our readers were asked to provide their opinions on the best of Ulsan. We conducted a massive survey to find the best places to eat, drink, travel, shop and have fun. We also found the worst of the bunch.

The articles on these pages have been compiled by the staff of UlsanOnline.com but are the results of what our readers think regarding where to go, what to do and what to avoid.