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I have Lived Today

By , December 11, 2014 8:31 am


Former Ulsan resident Steve Moore has come out with his first book called “I Have Lived Today” and we couldn’t be happier. According to Moore, the book started out as a project while he was teaching here in Ulsan and then was finished later on. Steve was a fixture at the Mugeodong Ediya Cafe during this time but has since moved on from Ulsan to the bright lights of Daegu.

Sadly, the novel has nothing to do with life in Ulsan but everything to do with a dark and tragic tale of self discovery and human cruelty. Many have noted Moore’s writing style to that of the legendary Charles Dickens. The book does have a similar dark feel to it.  The main character “Tristan” suffers his way through this brilliant novel and eventually comes to a life changing realization. Here is Moore’s synapsis of the book.

England. 1960s. A cold, harsh autumn. On an isolated island, an abusive man forces his wife to run for her life. Their son Tristan, young and afraid, also flees the island and sets out into the world to escape his demons and find his mother.

Hitchhiking beneath the backdrop of a wild and loveless November, Tristan encounters every possible character, from the genuinely kind to the inherently wicked. Beaten, robbed and stripped of even hope, Tristan finds himself on the gritty streets of London’s East End, where everything he thought he knew about life starts to shatter and crumble around him. With all hope seemingly lost, a young boy even questions the futility of life itself. But when he learns that there are others who share his torment and understand his pain, can Tristan find the courage to make it through his darkest hours?

Tristan’s tale is a grim exploration into his own conscience. As he discovers the unique ability of humans to do such heinous things both to themselves and to one another, it’s all he can do to keep control as his passage of internal discovery takes one dark turn after another and sends him to the edge.

“I Have Lived Today” can be purchased online at Amazon and 10% of the royalties will go to the NSPCC Children’s Charity.  For those looking for great reads this is a book that you surely do not want to pass up. Not to mention that you would be helping a lot of children as well.


You can keep up with Steve’s adventures over at his blog “The Twenty First Century Nomad” and his author site here.

Fascinating Photos of the Past

By , March 4, 2014 5:54 pm

It’s easy to look around modern South Korea and forget that within living memory, this country was wartorn and impoverished, and has within 60 years built itself up to become one of the strongest economies in the world.

KoreaBang has posted a number of really cool retrospective photo essays on Korea. It’s really worth taking a look at what the country was like only a few decades ago, to give you a sense of how different life would have been like for the parents and grandparents of the children many of us teach today.

This article on Korea’s rapid modernization has a number of photos from along the Cheon-gye-cheon (cheon = stream) in what is now one of the most vibrant downtown areas. Here’s a photo of the Cheongyecheon area today:



And from the KoreaBang retrospective:

(source -

(source –

In another article, a former US soldier shares photos he took in 1964 in Seoul, Jeju and elsewhere. You can see how some of the traditions are still alive and well, like the dried fish hanging in the market, while other things have changed significantly.


(photo by Klaus T. Moser-Maync)

The following article shows just how horrifying war is, as it documents the Korean War of 1950-1953 (which is still technically on-going, as a ceasefire was signed, but no peace treaty has ever been reached). The contents are quite graphic, so be forewarned.

Downtown Daejeon, merely 60 years ago. (originally posted on

Daejeon, merely 60 years ago. (originally posted on

Daejeon today

Daejeon today (source

And finally, a series of colour photos of Seoul taken in 1949 – the year before the Korean war started. Rush hour looked a little different in those days!

(source -

(source –

South Korea has come so far, so fast, it’s hard to imagine what the grandparents must think when they look around at their grandchildren’s lives in 2014.


(source –


Thanks to for this fascinating look at contemporary Korean history.

Industrial Theatre Troupe is Back!

By , February 3, 2014 11:01 pm

An announcement from ITT:

Ulsan’s own ‘Industrial Theatre Troupe‘ is back with their 4th performance of 30 plays in 60 minutes.

For those who have not heard of ITT, it is a theatre troupe which was started in 2012 by 2 native English teachers, Pete Musto and Danielle Malson, and theatre director Yoojung Im. ITT use the concept of 30 plays in 60 minutes to deliver many different short plays, covering different genres. The theatre troupe encourages audience participation by having them choose the order of plays and being brought up on stage for some skits as well. Currently, ITT have 7 cast members. The former members, who are all native English teachers are Tronell Lessing, Danielle Malson, Brian Kelly and Patrick Sanders. Elementary native English teacher Cassandra Hora, American foreign student Kyle Walton and So Theatre’s manager, Hyun Chil, have joined ITT this time round.

Director Tronell Lessing says, “[The New Black] new place, new plays, same story”.

Producer Danielle adds, “This is probably our most positive production yet, with more laughter and short skits than previously. However, it wouldn’t be an ITT performance without some serious, reflective pieces, too”.

ITT are now performing at So Theatre in Seongnamdong, 24 Munhwaui-geori, (249-1 Okgyo-dong) Jung gu, Ulsan, Korea 681-190. (The location is pinned on the Interactive Map, under “Culture”)

From Shigaetop in Old Downtown, walk towards Royal Anchor. With Royal Anchor on your left walk to the next intersection. Go straight and the theatre shall have The New Black posters outside the entrance.

Performances are; Friday February 7th, 9pm. Saturday February 8th 7 & 9pm. To reserve tickets e-mail; Or call; 052 271 0557 for Korean or 010 5508 3107 for English.

Volunteers Needed!

By , January 5, 2014 8:59 pm

Utopia Social Service Team, from Ulsan University are looking for volunteers to join them:

Hello! We are social service team ‘Utopia’. We are planning to go to education service activities this winter. Our purpose of this program is to make children not afraid of foreigners and to know various cultures. Foreigners will share their cultures, for example their country manners, music and games with the children.


You can not only do the social service but also communicate with the Korean students.


We are expecting to meet you soon!

We are looking for foreigners who are interested in culture exchange and can speak Korean a little.




Subject : Voluntary service about culture exchange to Elementary school children 



Date: January 13 – 17th




Place : Shin-Won Elementary School




Day 1 (1/13)


Ice-breaking : we will introduce ourselves and play some games to build a relationship with Korean students


Play some games from other countries


Day 2 (1/14)


Learn the locations and capitals of your countries


Compare holidays of Korea and other countries


Compare manners of Korea and other countries


Day 3 (1/15)


The children will search about Korean culture and their city, then explain it to teachers


Day 4 (1/16)


The children will watch an animation and study some phrases


Review the phrases with some games



Day 5 (1/17).


Sing a song of your country


Farewell party





** You are requested to pay a fee of 50,000 won for food during 5 days. And travel cost is another fee as well

We hope you like these programs and if you have some more great ideas, please let us know.


We can make a super great time together!!









Local information of Geo-Chang


If you want to join us or you need more information about the program, contact to 010-2850-0557 / 010-7564-0076 or email or




Update on UNIST Fundraiser for the Philippines

By , December 26, 2013 6:28 pm

Thank you for your donations and support. UNISTAR Typhoon Haiyan Campaign managed to raise 2,007,834won.

The money raised has been sent to the following organizations

1.UNICEF Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Emergency Appeal. The donation will help UNICEF provide immediate relief to families and children affected by the disaster through the distribution of water purification tablets, soap, medical kits, tarpaulins, and micronutrient supplements.

2. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, Philippines – which is an agency of the Philippine government under the Department of National Defense, responsible for ensuring the protection and welfare of the people during disasters or emergencies.

Further Details:
– Please visit this online excel sheet link below to check the details of the funds collected and donated with the bankbook records and receipts.

The excel sheet link above has 3 subsheet
(1) Fundraising Finance sheet (details of the funds collected)
(2) Donation to UNICEF Haiyanchildren emergency appeal(details of the transactions)
(3) Donation (NDRRMC) Phillipines (details of the transactions)

Project Organizers:
– Ahmed Mukhtar (CSE- 20101594, UNIST)
– Linh Dang Phuong Chu, (DGS- 20131782, UNIST)
– Purevnamjil Khoszul (TM-20101748, UNIST)
– Enkhzul Amarsanaa ( NBC- 20111762, UNIST
– Luc Mikhail Loja ( DGS -20131788, UNIST)
– Hanan Jamal ( DGS, 20132019, UNIST)
– Anku (CSE, UNIST)
– Mayzonee Ligaray ( UEE, 20135201, UNIST )
– Jeshurun Biney ( NBC, 20122003 UNIST)
– Jonas Nyamador (DGS, 20132020, UNIST)
– Sol Loja (DGS, 20132028, UNIST)
– Nyambayar Sugartseren (NBC, 20111761, UNIST)
– Marian Adusei
– Hyunjin Kim (UNICH)
– Adrian Matias Chung Baek
– Youngbay Sung
– Others

– Student Union
– Club Union
– Epidemic
– Pianistar
– Silk Road
– UNIST Muslim Community
– Kazakh community in UNIST
– Mongolian Simin Church
– Others

Once again, Thanks to everyone one who supported the campaign directly or indirectly~

UNISTAR Haiyan Fundraising Campaign

Reel Rock Film Tour: Daegu

By , December 4, 2013 9:47 pm

From Korea On The Rocks Initiative (KOTRi), a charitable organization that helps install and replace safe rock climbing protection and anchors on climbing sites throughout Korea: KFT_Facebook Cover Photo is once again bringing the best in climbing and adventure films to audiences in Korea this winter with its fourth Reel Rock Film Tour Event. The evening promises awesome prize giveaways, raffles and a breathtaking film lineup that will get your heart racing and your palms sweating.  This year’s Film Tour brings together the Reel Rock Tour, as well as 2 unique and local films from our community. Lee Sung Jae’s film, “Uleung-do,”  looks to uncover the beauty of this remote island off the Korean coast, while The Dedicated Everyman’s film,“Unclimbed,” explores the remote unclimbed giants of the  Zanskar region of northern India. (There will be an article on this film posted shortly on UlsanOnline – stay tuned – Ed)


KOTRi hosts this annual film tour to bring local and expat outdoor enthusiasts and rock climbers together in celebration of adventure, adrenaline and extreme filmmaking. Combining the biggest names in rock climbing with stories of pushing the limits of climbing like never before, the films showcase the very best of the sport and will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.



More than growing the reach of the sport, the event is a chance for Korea’s outdoor communities to give back to the peninsula’s beautiful natural environment. KOTRi’s mandate is to develop, maintain and improve Korea’s climbing environment. The non-profit organization was founded in 2010 and has initiated a range of projects around Korea to ensure that the country’s rock climbing spots are safe, well equipped and environmentally sustainable.  The Reel Rock Film Tour is KOTRi’s biggest annual fundraiser and has raised over 25 million won over the past three years towards keeping Korea’s climbing areas safe.


The films will be screened in Daegu on December 14th from 5pm to 10pm at Kyungpook Universities Global Plaza theatre. Tickets are available in advance for 10,000 W or at the door for 15,000 W. Discounts are available for groups and members.  Visit to get more information on the events and to book tickets.

In June, 2013, Mammut Korea agreed to a full partnership with We are pleased to host this year’s event with our official partner, Mammut Korea.  Event sponsors include Eunpyeong-Gu district office, Evolv, Julbo, Prana, Outdoor Global, Magpie Brewing Company and CAYL (Climb As You Love).

RRT_A3 Poster_ENG


Help for the Philippines

By , November 13, 2013 6:53 pm

As many of you are aware, this past week a super typhoon (category 5) hit the Philippines. It’s the most intense typhoon ever to make landfall, and it has caused serious damage across the country. Thousands of people have been killed, and more than 9 million have been affected. The infrastructure in the Philippines is already in poor condition, so anything like this wreaks havoc, and makes it very difficult for rescue workers to reach the affected areas.

Worse yet, earlier this fall, parts of the country experienced a serious earthquake that caused huge damage that had not yet been repaired when the typhoon ripped through.

There are several ways you can help out.

If you are Canadian, consider making donations through the Canadian Red Cross. Right now, the Government has pledged to match individual donations dollar for dollar (up to $100), so you’ll be giving twice as much. Or even better, UNICEF Canada has corporate sponsors, so your donation will be matched by the government (up to $100) and the sponsors (up to $25,000). I’m not sure if other countries have similar fundraisers taking place, but check with your home Red Cross or Red Crescent group to find out.

Locally, there is a large Filipino community in Ulsan, and many members are actively involved in raising funds and putting together boxes of supplies for the needy. These packages will be sent directly to people in the Philippines.

Items requested: clothes, blankets, shoes, canned goods, noodles, tents, candles, matches, batteries, medicine, flashlights, tarps, toiletries, wet tissues, soy milk in tetra paks (non-perishable goods). If you are donating clothes, blankets or shoes, please make sure they are clean and in good repair.

Mayetth Poile is coordinating a drive for Tanauan Leyte and Bohol, an area hard hit by the earthquake in October.

I would like to ask for help and donations like clothes, blankets, shoes, can goods,noodles, tents…. Etc. Whatever you can give.

I will be dividing all donations between Tanauan Leyte and Bohol, we will be sending Balik Bayan Boxes to the people that are affected by the past earthquake and the typhoon.

A good friend of mine in Bohol has a big place, and she accommodated 500 people 3 weeks ago, some of them had left already but she still has at least 100 people in her house, for her to be able to help the homeless people she also needs help and support. I was told that they won’t have running water and electricity for another 2 months as well, we can use all the help we can get….. Please help me help the people that are in need in the Philippines.

I am coordinating with her so that we can send the Balik Bayan Boxes A.S.A.P. That is why I need your help as well. If you have any questions you can contact me on my cell. 01045381696 (Mayetth Poile) or on Facebook Sweetlove Honey . You can also contact the Ulsan Parents Club group on Facebook.
Thanks in advance!
Mayetth Poile”

Another effort is taking place through the Best Asian Mart in Donggu, ByongYong Catholic Church and Chubbylinda Swarovski

“I’m spearheading a relief goods drive here in Ulsan for the benefit of the Yolanda Typhoon victims in my hometown of Tanauan Leyte, and other areas, in cooperation with Best Asianmart and ByongYong Catholic Church. We are still isolated in terms of communication, rescue relief goods and protection, because no media has seriously delivered the suffering of the survivors there. YOUR donations will be handled by Burublig Tanauan a volunteer group in Manila.They have been securing the delivery of the goods directly to the people and are tracking the flow of cash donations.
What we need:
Canned goods, candles, matches, flaslights, dyna or battery operated, batteries, hetban (half cooked rice), bodybags, medicines, clothes, tents, tarp, toiletries, wet tissues, soymilk in tetrapacks

Manila Town, the Filipino bar and restaurant in Shinae, is also collecting donations. There is information on the linked FB page for how to make donations by bank transfer.

Hello everyone , as a leader of the Filipino community in Ulsan City and owner of Manila Town, I am humbled to ask for your donation in any form,( clothings, goods, cash etc,, ) to help the typhoon and earthquake victims in t he Philippines.According to news update the death toll could reach to 10,000 people only in one city, TACLOBAN City. Please pm me or call or txt me at 010-67440918. Hoping for your sympathy and concern to my fellow countrymen. Thank you.


Lost Dog in Bangeojin (Dong-gu)

By , November 8, 2013 5:17 pm

On Monday (2013/11/04) one of the BAPS dogs broke his leash and ran away from his foster-carers. Chief has been at the shelter for 5 years and has only in the last couple of months gone into foster care. He is very anxious and scared, and really needs to be found. Winter is coming and this guy should not be out in it. There have been two confirmed sightings as of Thursday in the Bangeojin area, but to maximize our chances of finding him we are organising a group to go out searching for him on Sunday the 10th at 3pm  at “The White House” – the Turkish Restaurant. The address is: 1156-2 Bangeo-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan. The phone number that can also be used for GPS is: 052-267-4062. It is pinned on the Interactive Map.

Please come along and help find this little guy. There will be cars leaving from Ok-dong, Mugeo-dong and other areas, please consider coming along.  There is a 250,000 won reward for information that leads to his safe return.

He is medium sized, short fur, terrier-type mixed breed, with a blue collar (see photo below). He is very nervous, and will not come to strangers. He may react aggressively if cornered, so if you see him, please call Frances on this number – 010-2523-6714 – right away. Do not attempt to approach him yourself, as he scares easily.


Thanks Ulsan!

By , September 8, 2013 4:08 pm

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out and participated in yesterday’s Sports Day event. This was a very hard week. First, the Rock ‘n’ Row Dragon Boat Festival was cancelled by City Hall. Then, tragedy struck our community when we lost our friend, Jean-Marc Lalonde in a traffic accident.

But everyone rallied together to support T-Hope, and to help JM’s family. Not only did we have a fantastic afternoon at the Sports Day (the rain cleared off pretty much exactly for the start of the event), but we raised 2.8 million won. Your generosity and support mean a lot. (If you were unable to join us, and would like to contribute, please check out the online fundraiser, or make a donation at JJ’s, Cima, Sticky Fingers or the Royal Anchor).

This event could not have happened without the generous sponsorship of Dan Gauthier and T-Hope, Patrick Robbins and JJ’s Bar, Al Michieli and Cima Bar, Mr. Kim and the Royal AnchorOMK Bicycles, the Ulsan Parent’s Club, Jason Teale Photography, and London Tea. We couldn’t have organized this without the expert planning of Meg Sheppard, the continued ideas and support of Dylan Falcone, and the wonderful volunteers who stepped up to sell food and raffle tickets, hand out beer and chili dogs, and all the other varied tasks that were needed throughout the day. If I have left anyone off the list, I sincerely apologize for the oversight; thank you to everyone who helped to make this day possible, in just a week, and to those who helped us raise funds.

At the event, Sil from Sticky Fingers also presented T-Hope with 500,000 won raised through their Monday Night Trivia for the annual T-Hope – Ulsan Orphanage Christmas Party. Thanks to everyone who participates in those Trivia Nights!

Here are some photos from the event.

Getting set up

Getting set up

Waiting for the rain to clear, and people to arrive.

Waiting for the rain to clear, and people to arrive.


Hula hoop race

Hula hoop race

Pass the onion ring on the peppero race

Pass the onion ring on the peppero race





Wheelbarrow Races!


Which way is the finish line?
Which way is the finish line?

Pickup Soccer/Football match

Pickup Soccer/Football match


The winning team!

The winning team!

Meg, organizer extraordinaire!

Meg, organizer extraordinaire!


This is definitely the Ultimate game. I think.

Ulsan Massive vs Ulsan Knights – our Ultimate teams square up against each other


It was a rainy start, but a fabulous finish - mist over Munsu

It was a rainy start, but a fabulous finish – mist over Munsu


Ulsan Parents Club – they raised 130,000 selling lemonade and snacks, and 50,000 with homebaked treats.


Watching the Ultimate Frisbee match

Watching the Ultimate Frisbee match

At the very end of the day, we attempted a group photo, which is a little bit like trying to herd cats. Here are three of the 10 attempts at getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, while labs frolic in front of the group.

At the very end of the day, we attempted a group photo with the people who were still around. Here are three of the 10 attempts at getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, while labs frolic in front of the group.

Not bad, this one!

Not bad, this one!

Well, at least that middle one had most people looking...

Well, at least we have the middle one…

So, there you have it. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support the event. It seemed like people had a really great time, and we raised money for a worthy cause.

Cruise Ulsan Harbour!

By , September 4, 2013 6:07 pm

The Namgu district office would like to promote their whale-watching and night-cruise boat among the expat community by offering us a special party.

Whale Watching Tour, October 5th Sat, 2013

Global Day ‘Night Cruise’ Beer Party

▪Hosted by UMFSC  ▪Sponsored by SK &

The event will be held from 6:30 – 8:30 pm on Saturday, October 5th, and tickets cost only 10,000 won, thanks to a generous donation by SK (tickets for a night cruise are usually 40,000 won). For 2 hours, the boat will cruise around Ulsan, showing off the glimmering lights of the coast from Jangsangpo to  Gangeolgot. The timing will be perfect to watch the sun set and the lights pop out in the twilight, then return to land under a starry sky (there will be no moon that night). There will be free food and beer available, and live music. (website entirely in Korean)

The Boat – (website entirely in Korean)

A shuttle bus will be running from City Hall at 5:30pm, or parking is available at the Whale Museum lot for free (but keep in mind it is a beer party, so either find a designated driver, or bring the number for a daeri-unjong).

A total of 150 tickets are being sold for the event through different foreigner groups (see below), and UlsanOnline has been given 60. I’ll be selling them on a first-paid, first-served basis, contact and bank information will be posted at the end of the article. Children are welcome to join, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

The cruise routes

The cruise routes – this event would follow 2 – Coast night view.

There will be a group photo on the pier before we set sail, and a welcome ceremony with remarks from the mayor of Namgu.

If there is a typhoon that weekend, the event will be postponed to October 12th.


Maybe you'll even see dolphins or whales! (website fully in Korean)

Maybe you’ll even see dolphins or whales!

To get a ticket, please contact me via email ( or by private message on Facebook, with the following information: Name, Date of Birth, Address in Korea, Phone Number and Nationality (info for each person you are purchasing a ticket for). I will then give you the information for a bank transfer. When I have received your money, I will add your name to the list, and let you know you are confirmed. The final date for ticket sales is September 30th.

Tickets are also available through UMFSC, Hyundai Heavy Industries, UNIST, the University of Ulsan and the Office of Education.


Inside - (website all in Korean)

Inside –