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By , July 26, 2011 9:05 am

A few morsels from around Korea.

  • Interested in furthering your education but not sure you want your education from a Korean or online university? Here’s an alternative to those two:  State University of New York (SUNY) will open a campus in Korea with classes beginning in March of 2012. The facility will be located in Songdo, Korea. So far, at least seven SUNY professors have expressed interest in teaching assignments in Korea.
  • Researchers in South Korea have developed a new method to detect breast cancer – using a breathalyzer. Researchers say the painless, simple process detects cancer earlier than other methods and is cheaper. Kudos to Korean scientists!
  • K-Pop stars Girls’ Generation is going global. The 9-member troupe  is set for concerts across Europe after successful concerts in Japan.
  • And from the “I’ll Believe it When I See it” department, the Chosun Ilbo reports that there is a 125% rise in the number of house-husbands in Seoul over the past five years. The times they are a-changin’.
  • Another Korean internet game addict dies in Korea.
  • Korean industry looks hard at Finland’s Nokia for advice on what NOT to do. Although Nokia is a multi-conglomerate similar to many of Koreas chaebols, they’ve lost the status they had in the 90s as one of the big sharks in the technology pond.  The article points to Nokia’s continued used of Symbian as a phone operating system after Google released Android. Samsung dropped their own OS like a bad date and jumped on the Android bandwagon and is now happily swimming near the top of the mobile technology pond.

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