Android Games are Here!

By , November 29, 2011 11:58 am

As Eric Schmidt promised back in early November when he was in Korea, the games are on Android now.  Fed up with Korea’s mandatory rating system for all games, Google had decided to play not to play that particular game.  When Schmidt came to Korea a few weeks ago, he told the Korean government, particularly the Communications Minister, that the whole ratings things was disappointing and they all agreed they would let the games come to Android Market.

Well, kids, today is the day! Let the flood gates open, let the games begin – once the initial download flood by a few million students is over, anyway.  Hopefully, this news precedes any news the Korean folks might hear and we’ll get the jump on them. This link is from the the Android developer’s blog and not quite the evening news.

In addition, purchases of games and other downloads should begin today to start direct carrier billing. That means you won’t need a credit card to buy anything – it will just show up on your phone bill. Imagine all those unhappy mothers and fathers when their precious little snowflakes completely wreck the home finances with all the games purchases they’ve done.

No word yet on how SK or KT will monitor or allow gaming of under 16 year olds now that the new anti-late-night gaming law is in effect.

Happy -smart phone gaming!

Challenge: Words with Friends! My daughters tell me it’s an awesome game and I’m hoping someone else grabs it and attempts to out-word me

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