News Briefs – 4/9/2012

By , April 9, 2012 12:00 pm

Some news articles of interest….

  • In case you haven’t heard already, N. Korea is getting ready to launch a long range rocket.  They claim it is just a communications satellite, but just about everyone else in the world believes it to be military in nature.  This week is the proposed schedule, so keep your eyes to the skies on this one.
  • As if that weren’t enough, multiple sources are claiming that the North Koreans are also preparing a nuclear test.   Should be a fun month.
  • The Korea Times is stirring up the locals on the dangers of unverified English Teachers. They report that somewhere close to 10% of those teachers examined by the MOE have not checked out with their documents.  And Gangnam is reportinly 5% unverified.  To their credit they quote an unnamed official with the MOE as saying that

    local media outlets tend to exaggerate the seriousness of crimes committed by English teachers and provide a largely inaccurate impression that many instructors were unqualified and would pose a threat to pupils.

    That, of course, doesn’t stop the Times Herald from running with the headline of unverified teachers, when even in the article the officials simply write off the issue as simply a delay in getting background checks from home countries.

  • Gamers should be excited as a new version of Counter Strike Online is being developed. The big news is that game developer Valve is partnering with Nexon Korea to bring the game to market. Korean gamers have been hitting the previous version hard and Counter Strike is one of the more popular games played here. Microtransactions, involving small amount of real money to purchase player upgrades and weapons is a big feature of the game.
  • And finally, with election day this week, the amount of noise pollution in the city should drop dramatically as dancing, bowing, loud-speaker wielding candidates finish their campaigns. After Wednesday, we’re back to the normal noise pollution of blue Bongo trucks selling Orange-y, ManEul and Dal Gi. Enjoy your day off!

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