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By , November 11, 2012 7:14 pm

There are nearly 20,000 foreigners living in Ulsan, several thousand of whom speak English. For almost four years, UlsanOnline.com has been providing valuable information to the English speaking residents of Ulsan. During that time, we have created a content rich site where our readers can find information on a wide variety of topics, such as restaurants, nightlife, travel, movies, bus routes, as well as that all important catch-all category – “where can I find item X?”

For businesses who want to reach non-traditional, non-Korean speaking customers in Ulsan, UlsanOnline.com offers a way to reach thousands of readers every month.  With hundreds of unique viewers each day, your ads are guaranteed to be viewed by a large audience. Whether you want to reach viewers with specific products or services in mind, or the general English speaking public in Ulsan, we have a page or group of pages that will suit your needs.

Moreover, our social networking can add thousands more views per day. Our UlsanOnline  Facebook group is currently one of the busiest in the city. With well over 1000 members and the ability to reach even more, people here know where to go for answers.  By advertising on UlsanOnline.com, you can gain access to this dynamic, busy page to reach more readers, more often than ever before.

For those businesses wanting to advertise, please see our page on advertising rates and pages. Every advertiser who buys space on our site can also post ads on our Facebook group.   Up until now, we’ve allowed businesses to advertise their products and services for free on our group, but beginning on Friday, 11/16/2012, we’ll start moderating the page to remove ads that are not from our partners. That means our advertising partners will have exclusive rights to our group.  That means more viewers aware of your business and more revenue for you.

Don’t lose out on this opportunity to get your business in front of thousands of viewers, both on our official site and on our Facebook page!  Advertise on UlsanOnline.com today!


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