News Odds and Ends – 11/28/2012

By , November 28, 2012 11:23 am

A few tidbits of news from around Korea:

  • More “fake” parts for nuclear reactors were discovered this week. Earlier this month, officials shut down a reactor to replace parts that had been falsely certified. Authorities have discovered another 900+ parts that were falsely labelled with quality certificates.  Engineers have found ways to replace the parts without having to shut down reactors, but it does little to quell fears of poor management and safety procedures in Korea’s electric company.
  • South Korea says that North Korea may be preparing for another rocket launch soon.   South Korea is also preparing for a rocket launch, after a planned launch was scrapped earlier this month for leaks.  South Korea’s new launch is …. soon….perhaps tomorrow, but the country’s space agency is keeping things a low profile with three previous failures under it’s belt.
  • Another Vietnamese tragedy in Korea this week.  A Vietnamese woman in Busan killed herself and her two children when her Korean husband refused her request for a divorce. Citing domestic violence, the woman leaped off the top of her apartment building with her 7 year old daughter and 3 year old son. Meanwhile, the Korean government is attempting to stop marital rape and violence with a new law.
  • Korean English-language newspaper, The Korea Times, fell for a bit of sarcasm this week from well known spoof ‘zine The Onion. The Korea Times has since taken down their article touting North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s ascension to the throne of “Sexiest Man Alive.”
  • The Economist has a great piece on Korea’s Fiery Food and Boring Beer and the reasons why.
  • And finally, just the title alone of this piece made me laugh: “South Korea suffer Classic blow with Bong gone“.  Yes, when my bong was gone, I suffered a blow, too.

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