T-Hope Christmas Party for the Orphans

By , December 4, 2012 11:55 am

It’s that time of year again. The big sparkly tree is up outside Lotte Department store, and Shinae has even decorated their streets with lights and stars. And, of course, T-Hope is organizing their big Christmas shin-dig for the kids at Ulsan’s Orphanage out in Eonyang.

The One Heart Festival is a fun day out, that raises money for the party. It’s being held at the Daehyun Cheukgwan Gymnasium in Yaum-dong, Namgu on Saturday, December 22nd.

Here are the details from the Facebook Event (linked above)

5 teams of 20 members each

For every team we put in we get 200,000 won from the Festival that goes towards the Ulsan Orphanage!

Every member of each team will have his/her name written on a piece of paper, and at the end of the event, THOPE will draw a minimum of 3 names. Those people will win PRIZES!!!
The prizes are TBA (currently) but, we’ll let you know as soon as we do! (THIS DRAW IS ONLY FOR THOPE MEMBERS)

If your team wins, there are also monetary prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
1st place: 500,000 won
2nd place: 300,000 won
3rd place: 200,000 won
Popularity: 100,000 won

There will be 4 events.
1) 3 Legged Race
2) Longest Clothes Line
3) Skipping
4) Pass the Onion Ring on the Peppero
Your team will compete in all 4 events! Depending on how well you do in each determines the amount of points awarded.
We will be competing against teams from China, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, and Mongolia. Our teams we put together will be the GLOBAL teams.

We need teams! Show your competitive spirit and get a group of your friends together to compete on a team! If you have a team of 20, please post on the event wall the names of your team members. If you have a smaller group and would like to be placed on a team, we can do that for you, or you can view other teams on the wall and decide if you want to join an already existing team.

The Toy Drive is also taking place – “whilst you are out shopping for friends and family this Christmas, maybe you could purchase an extra gift which would help brighten Christmas Day for a child at the Orphanage.

The Lotte Hotel in Ulsan, has once again kindly agreed to allow us to use their hotel as a drop off location for those of you wishing to donate gifts. Please head to the concierge and advise them that you would like to drop a gift for the T-Hope Christmas Party. Please also, drop us a quick message to advise us of what you have dropped and when. You will be able to drop gifts at the hotel until Friday 21st December.

As the gifts start coming in, we will update the Gifts Wish List, so please keep an eye on what has already been purchased. The number in the brackets next to the gift item is the number of items we are looking for, you can purchase just one of the items or more. As we start collecting the gifts, we will mark the boxes on the right, with the quantities received.

Please ensure that the gifts are unwrapped, as gifts need to be later allocated to individual children.” And here is the link to the Wish List.

Finally, there is the big day itself. If your current plan for Christmas Day is to sit at home feeling sad that you’re not with your family and friends back home – try this instead! The T-Hope Christmas Party at the Orphanage!

The day usually includes things like Christmas Carol singing, games and crafts for the kids, a visit from Santa Claus and snacks and treats. It’s a great way to spend your holiday away from home. So, get into the spirit of the Season, and join T-Hope in making Christmas happen for some kids in need.


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