News – 1/10/2013

By , January 10, 2013 9:56 am

Gather ’round, children, and I’ll tell you the tale of a preposition that dangled precariously on the end of a sentence, thus obfuscating the true nature of the story. Our adventure begins in Korea where internet addiction is rampant and the government must do all they can to protect its citizen from the horrors of their inability to tear themselves away from their computers and hand phones. Our story ends in India, where participles lurk to distract readers from the truth.  The headline of this story reads “South Korea battles internet addiction among teens with horses” but our fearless writers in India would have you believe that only teens with horses are battling against internet addiction, and among themselves. The truth is far less interesting, but a heart warming narrative nonetheless.

And something this is sure to hit closer to home is that electricity prices will rise 4%.  Korea has had one of the cheapest electricity rates in Asia and prices are finally rising to a point where schools and buildings might actually close a frickin’ door in winter to conserve heat.. Don’t count on it, though. This being Korea where logic takes a back seat, you’re still likely going to require a full winter ski suit indoors in most schools and large companies.

And finally, what’s sure to add to the ongoing conflict of Dokdo between Korea and Japan, and the Senkaku dispute between China and Japan, Korea has wisely thrown out to the UN it’s assertion that the peninsula extends another 200 nautical miles into the Pacific ocean, crossing over both China’s and Japan’s stated boundaries.  Should be fun to see who wins this territorial underwater land grab.

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