News Bytes – 1/17/2012

By , January 17, 2013 5:41 pm

Some newsworthy items from around Korea this week:

  • Last year, it was suspected that North Korea was behind the cyber attacks on South Korean newspapers. This week, Korea’s National Police Agency confirms it. Earlier this week, CNN reported on South Korea’s efforts to combat such cyber warfare with a team of hackers.  However, late breaking news today from Seoul is that the “transition team” of incoming president Park Geun Hye, reversed that announcement. They told reporters to simply

    run antivirus programs and change passwords more often.

    That should keep the commies at bay. Presumably, the new president wants to keep things nice and easy between the two countries and not anger the north with the findings.

  •  After a couple of attempts last year at getting into the space age, South Korea is ready to try again. Sometimes between January 30 and February 8, Korea will once again try to get something into orbit.  Last year two failed attempts (no launch) followed two previous failures with disastrous launches.  Here’s hoping Korea finally gets into the limited club of nations in space.  North Korea made the list with a surprise launch in December 2012.
  • Flu season, which has hit hard in the USA this year, is expected to hit Japan and South Korea shortly.
  • No more beatings and no more sexual abuse. At least for athletes in Korea.  The government is cracking down on abusive coaches after the learning that physical abuse is rampant.  30% of athletes said they’d been beaten by their coaches. 9.5% said they weer sexually abused. 47% of parents knew their children had been hit but refused to say anything. And 23% of athletes believed that physical abuse was a necessary motivating tool.  And you thought it was all fun and games!
  • And finally, my new hero in Korean society is actress Kim JeongNan. She is instituting a program to improve the bad driving in Korea.

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