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By , January 23, 2013 7:28 pm

Here at we’ve always encouraged readers to submit their own material.  Many have done so in the past. And in the case of restaurants or nightlife we’ve paid them for their efforts.  We’re fortunate to have some great writers here in Ulsan.  And while we haven’t discouraged anyone in the past from writing editorials or opinion pieces,  we haven’t exactly encouraged it, either.

Well,  that’s all changing.  We’re opening up the spigot and encouraging all writers  to contribute on (nearly) all topics to our News section.  Yes,  you too can be famous and write enthralling, scintillating articles just like we do (or at least think and hope we do).  Let your views become known. Relay news that our other readers might need or want to know. And not just for a few fleeting moments on Facebook before it’s pushed off the page, and not on your own personal blog where your family and friends are your greatest readers. Put them here, on where they’ll be seen by thousands of readers.  Each month we receive  over 10,000 visitors and tens of thousands of page views. So don’t be shy – let your opinions fly! Let your fellow expatriates in Ulsan and around the world know what you think. 70% of our traffic is from Korea, but people from over 100 countries visit

We hope our new writers will supply an ever interesting bushel full of great reading material.  We hope they write about Ulsan, about Korea in general, and about what it’s like to live, work  and study here. Occasionally, we’d even like to see some opinions on other topics, as well. As you might expect, all articles are subject to editorial approval for spelling and grammar, but also for content. Any articles that promote racism, sexism,violence or discrimination in any form will not be published. Also, any articles that promote or denigrate a specific person, business or website will not be published. As articles are written and approved by our editors, they will be published on the site and open to comments, both here and one our Facebook group page.

So, how does one get started writing an editorial?  Simple: if you use Facebook, you use your Facebook credentials to login. If not, you can create a new account by registering your email address. Once you’re logged in, you can create a new “Post” by selecting “Posts” and then “Add New” from the sidebar menu on the left. Editing a post is fairly straight forward and similar to Microsoft Word in some respects. If you have trouble editing your article, the WordPress documentation on Writing Posts might be helpful.

And so, Pandora’s Box has now officially been opened. Spout your opinions and tell the world what you think. And remember, we still pay 25,000 krw for restaurant and nightlife reviews as we’re always scouring the city for interesting places for our readers to spend their time and money socially.

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