Advertising on UlsanOnline.Com

Why Advertise on UlsanOnline.Com?

UlsanOnline.com is THE English-language site in Ulsan. No other site of, for or about Ulsan exists with the level of content and information as you will find here. New foreigners constantly arrive in Ulsan and are desperate for information on where to eat and drink, what to do, what to buy, how to move about and how to survive during their stay in Korea. Advertising in newspapers, radio and TV is embedded in largely Korean content and therefore inaccessible to them.

UlsanOnline.Com represents a huge market of English-speaking customers who otherwise would not know of your business.


Who Would See My Ads?

UlsanOnline.com has an enormous readership of foreigners currently living in and around Ulsan. We have only been active online since December of 2008 but our hit rates have steadily increased. more analytics here

Although 80% of our traffic is from people in Ulsan, our visitors are not just local. As contracts and made and completed, new foreigners must be hired. Those people, from countries around the world, read our site to learn about what they will do, eat, drink, see and buy when they come to Ulsan. Will they see your business?


Where would my ads be placed?
  • Front Page – the Ad is placed on the front page when a spot is available
  • High Traffic Pages  – the Ad is placed on set page matched to the content of your ad (if you are a restaurant, then it will be put on the restaurant review page
  • Monthly Email – the Ad is sent directly to our numerous subscribers

How long will my ads run on the site?

The minimum contract period is 3 months. However, we offer 6 month and yearly packages. 3 Month If you have and special requests,please contact us.


How large will my ads be?

The ad will be about 300 px wide and 150 px Our Partners page and ~gu partners and the page or pages of your selection as determined by the class. Advertisments of Class AAA reside on premium "real estate" and will consume no more than 300 pixels width. Ad height for Class AAA varies with pricing. See below..


How Expensive is it to run ads on UlsanOnline?

  • Basic - 50,000 krw
  • **As of March 2015 all advertising price will increase**
  • Monthly Email - 10,000 krw. Each month we will send out a newletter directly to our subscribers. This is an extra charge but is highly effective.

Note - all amounts are in Korean Won. **As of March 2015 all advertising price will increase**


How Can I pay for ads on UlsanOnline?

  • Send us an Email
  • Email: mail@ulsanonline.com
  • Re: Advertising

Ulsan Online has rights to modify any information on the site. Ulsan Online has the right to refuse any ads for any reason. No offensive material will be published.