Writers, Programmers, Photograghers and Salespeople Wanted!

Looking to get your 15 minutes of fame? UlsanOnline.Com is looking for help.

If you're an English Teacher working in Korea, we all know it's not a resume builder. No one will look at your resume when you're back in your home country and be impressed that you spoke your native tongue as a job. But, by writing, programming, taking photos or selling for UlsanOnline.Com you can have a tangible bit of evidence that you applied yourself to something more meaningful.

If you're not an English teacher, you can still benefit from working with us. We'll pay for performance in any of the following categories.

UlsanOnline.Com is looking for feature writers, bar and restaurant reviewers, travel writers, and photographers. Internet experience in blogs, specifically Wordpress, HTML, CSS and FTP, desired but not required. If you can attach a photo to an email you've probably got the technical skills it takes. Writing interesting articles is the real skill here.

Programming at UlsanOnline.com can also be a rewarding experience. With both web technologies as well as smartphone integration, UlsanOnline remains at teh forefront of technology. If you have experience in PHP, Ajax, Javascript, HTML, MySQL, CSS, XML, iOS, Android and iOS we've probably got some things to keep your skills hot and marketable.

Salespeople can earn extra money above and beyond what writers, photogs and geeks can. Commission, baby! You make a sale and get a local business to advertise with us, you can make some coin. How much you make depends on how much you sell. How much you sell depends on how hard you work.


Please contact me to learn how you can be a part of the UlsanOnline.Com Team